Present Simple Tense – Vežbanja

I Dodati nastavke -s ili -es na sledeće glagole:
sleep, do, finish, work, go, watch, drink, try, have, eat, study,
buy, live, sit, see, play, start, write, make, get, come

II Dopunite sledeće rečenice koristeći Present Simple:

1. My cousin ______________ (live) in Italy.
2. I _______________ (play) guitar.
3. She _____________ (go) to the gym every week.
4. ____________ he ____________ (speak) English?
5. He _______________ (have, not) classes on Saturday.
6. ____________ they ___________ (like) our song?
7. The exam ____________ (start) at 12:30.
8. _________ he __________ (eat) strawberries?
9. They _____________ (work) from 7 a.m.
10. I _________________ (drink) coffee.

III Odredite koji je od ponuđenih odgovora tačan

1. When ______ this semester start?

a) does
b) do
c) is

2. Do you _____ chocolate?

a) likes
b) liking
c) like

3. Sarah ______ piano.

a) play
b) plays
c) playing

4. Now that he is away from home, he ______ his family.

a) missing
b) miss
c) misses

5. The bank ___________ open until 9 a.m.

a) does
b) doesn’t
c) don’t

6. The Danube ________ into the Black Sea.

a) flows
b) flow
c) doesn’t flow

7. _____ you eat meat?

a) Does
b) Are
c) Do

8. She _______ long black hair.

a) has
b) have
c) hasn’t

IV Dopisati glagole u vremenu Present Simple:

1. She usually _________ (get) up at 8 a.m.
2. Mark often _________ (watch) TV after school.
3. We always _________ (go) to the park on Saturdays.
4. My sister and I _________ (play) video games in the evening.
5. Emma _________ (speak) English and French.

Na osnovu rečenica iz prethodnog vežbanja napisati upitne i odrične rečenice:

Napisati pitanja tako da podvučeni deo rečenica bude odgovor:

1. Sarah works in a bank.
2. John goes to gym because he wants to stay fit.
3. They go to work at 7 a.m.
4. My mum drinks coffee in the morning.
5. Maria speaks three languages.
6. He knows the answer.
7. Jason drives his father’s car.
8. My neighbours have two dogs.

VII Povezati pitanja i odgovore:

1. Does she get up early?                                        ___ Yes, I do. I love pizza.
2. Where do you usually go on holiday?                  ___ It leaves at 3 p.m.
3. Do her parents live in Vienna?                             ___ We usually go to Greece on holiday.
4. Do you know how to knit?                                   ___ Yes, she does.
5. When does the train leave?                                 ___ She goes jogging.
6. Where does she go every evening?                     ___ No, I don’t. I work in a bank.
7. Does he play football?                                         ___ Yes, they do.
8. Do you like pizza?                                                ___ Yes, he does.

Ovo nije teško. Ukoliko nekome nešto ne bude jasno, neka se javi da bih mu poslao resenja zadataka ili objasnio 🙂 To je to za sada… Pozdrav 😉


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