Names describing personal characteristics

More vocabulary… 🙂

Engleski van klupa

Why do we use these names and where do they come from?

All of these words are used in everyday formal or informal language and most of them you would recognize at first. They originate from Greek mythology or some very popular novels. Have a look!


Achilles heel   /əˌkɪliːz ˈhiːl/  n. – a weak point or fault in somebody’s character which can be attacked by other people.

Origin      Named after the Greek hero Achilles. When he was a small child, his mother held him  below  the  surface of the river Styx to protect him against any injury. She held him by his heel, which therefore  wasn’t touched by   the water. Achilles died after being wounded by an arrow in the heel.


Adonis     /əˈdəʊnɪs

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