Edict of Milan 313. – 2013. Milano – Niš

I don’t know what to say…except, it was wonderful! Something like this happens once in a lifetime and I was honored to be a part of the cross.


Here are some articles for you to read, since I’m speechless: http://www.pressonline.rs/info/drustvo/288011/nislije-formirale-ljudski-svetleci-krst-u-mraku-.htmlhttp://www.alo.rs/vesti/aktuelno/nislije-formirale-svetleci-krst-video/33075http://9gag.com/gag/aBK0R8Nhttp://www.kurir-info.rs/pocelo-centralno-obelezavanje-milanskog-edikta-clanak-1020371http://www.radiocity.rs/vesti/nis/3680/vise-od-15.000-ljudi-prisustvovalo-svetoj-liturgiji-u-nisu-foto.html. 😀


This morning was the central ceremony… 🙂

Ok now, there was a souvenir I liked so much and I had to buy it… Presenting the ”Edict of Milan’!


I was simply amazed! Everything was just fine, without a single incident. We have shown the world who we are. Things like this should be organized more often, right?

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Waiting for A-Smyle results,

Luka R.



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