All vocabulary referring to FAMILY. Excellent work!

Relax! Speak English

Hey guys,

So we are back on track and since the weather doesn’t allow us to continue the classes in Retiro, we’ve moved to Matadero.

Cupcakes and the relaxed environment haven’t changed at all, we still Relax! and Speak English.

Our first topic this course was family. Here is the most important vocabulary in this context:

great grandparents

your grandparent’s parents

only child

a child who doesn’t have any brothers or sisters

single-parent family

families where the mother or father is bringing up the children alone


your uncle’s or aunt’s children


the family of your husband/wife

extended family

all your relatives including aunts, grandparents, etc.


your grandparent’s grandparents


boy or girl who has a different father but the same mother as you

step mother

your father’s new wife


people who are in a  relationship

And some adjectives to describe your relatives:





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