Flats and houses

I don’t always reblog posts from other blogs, but when I do, I reblog about 10 in a row. xD Here are some useful phrases to describe the place where you live and much more… 🙂 Just follow the above link


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Useful adjectives to describe the place where you live:

sunny, bright, completely furnished, modern, traditional, vintage, well communicated, cosy, quiet, 40 square metre flat.


Extra vocabulary


small, single-storied house

detached house

a house that stands alone

block of flats

tower consisting of several flats/appartments


residential area outlying a city


rural area

credit report

 a complete history of a person’s paying habits


1) money which is put in a bank 2) money which is given to ensure that something will be returned or remain in good condition

to fill out

to complete (a form) by writing in the information


having furniture used with apartments or rental properties

landlord/ landlady

the man/ woman who runs an apartment building or property


cannot be returned (money) 

to sublet

 to rent your apartment temporarily to someone else

a tenant

a person who is renting a room or apartment



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