Noun, Subject, Object – Are They All the Same?

You’re probably one of those people who are looking for some tips to improve their English communication skills. One important tool of speaking and writing well in English is a good sentence. If you don’t know its basic structure, then you’ll be speaking and writing bad sentences over and over again. The three important parts that you should know if you are just starting to learn the language are the nouns, the subject, and the object of a sentence.


A noun is a part of speech that is practiced in every sentence. It is a word or a group of words which indicates a person, place, a thing or an idea. It sounds simple, right? However, as simple as it is, still a lot of ESL students are having difficulties with speaking and writing good sentences. One reason is that they are confused from the start. So to remove some doubt, you have to understand the main types of noun and its form.

Although nouns have several classifications, what you have to know for the moment is its two main categories: the proper noun and the common noun. A proper noun offers a name of a person, a place or a thing. Some examples are TrishaLondon and iPhone. While a common noun just refers to the general name of person, place and thing. These include boy,soapmallgrocery storeball and notebook. Now that you have an idea of its category, let’s move on with its form.

Nouns have different forms. But for this post, we are going to study the two most important and if not completely recognize will lead to confusion. A noun is categorized as singular when you’re just talking about a person, a place, or a thing. Some good examples would be teacherapple, and restaurant. And when you’re talking about two or more, then it will fall into plural nouns. These include boysgrocery storesdollsElizabeth and Princesspencils and apples.

You might probably ask why you have to study these. Because you can’t be fluent in a language if you don’t know the basics. Let me show you an example. We had just studied the two main forms of a noun. Without knowing this, you’ll not be able to use the correct verb to create a well-structured sentence. Singular noun asks for a singular verb. Look at the following sentences. The girl run outside the room. Apples and mangoes is my favorite fruits. Notice that in the first sentence, girl is singular but we used the plural form of the verb run. While in the next sentence, apples and mangoes are two fruits which were connected by a singular verb is.

Have you imagined these things happen if you don’t know the basics? So instead of looking for a quick way to be fluent in English, why don’t you just focus on these things first. Once you completely understand them, you can easily go on and study the other aspect of the English language. In some of the future posts, we’ll continue discussing the rest of this topic to create well-structured sentences.

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Luka R.

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