On the phone

Relax! Speak English

Telephone expressionsMatch the two columns to form telephone phrases. Put `S’ (start a call) or `E’ (end a call) next to each expression.


1. make                     a. a number

2. hang                      b. a phone call

3. dial                         c. a ring

4. give someone         d. the phone

5. answer                    e. through (to someone)

6. put someone           f. up

Telephone phrases

Introducing yourself
This is Ken.

Ken speaking.


Asking who is on the telephone
Excuse me, who is this?
Can I ask who is calling, please?
Asking for Someone
Can I have extension 321?
Could I speak to…?
Is Jack in?

Connecting Someone

I’ll put you through
Can you hold the line?

Can you hold on a moment?
How to reply when someone is not available
I’m afraid … is not available at the moment
The line is busy…
Mr Jackson isn’t in…

Mr Jackson…

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