Grammar school troubles

hahahah 😀 This is so sad, but true… Thank you, Jelena, for this amazing work of art. xD

Acid Ink Drops

I’ve recently started high school.
All’s good, but something breaks my heart.
Instead of drawing, writing, singing;

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5 thoughts on “Grammar school troubles

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  2. Ola! Luka Radicevic,
    Very interesting, I go to this grammar school. I’ve been getting in trouble a lot lately. I’ve set the school fire alarm off, Had a fight with another student, skipped a couple lessons etc, The headmaster said its time to change your ways an he said you have no choice now but to behave. And i did and i started to take my education seriously. I was on report booklet and did exceptionaly well ,But i slipped up at a class assembly in front of my whole year we were doing an assembly about cultures i was last, and thought it would be funny to say ”Most Pakistani’s are alike we are all brown, we all eat curry and we all have big penis’s” I didn’t really think it was going to be a big deal everyone of course laughed but now my mum and me have been invited for a meeting determining my future at the school. I’m going this Monday and need advise on how i can get out of this situation. I seriously thought the teachers were going to laugh too and thought it wasn’t such a big deal. HELP ME OUT PLEASE!
    I look forward to your next post

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