Apostrophe Catastrophe


Can you identify the apostrophe mistakes with these images?

Apostrophe-Mistakes-1Apostrophe-Mistakes-2Apostrophe-Mistakes-3Apostrophe-Mistakes-4Missing ApostrophesApostrophe-Mistakes-6Apostrophe-Mistakes-7


1. DVD’s should be DVDs. With plurals of abbreviations, you only need an apostrophe when there are stops or periods.

2. Smile, you’re on camera. “You’re” in this sentence is a contraction for “you are”.

3. If It’s too easy, something’s wrong. “It’s” is a contraction for “it is”, “too” is used as an adjective here, requiring two “o’s”, and “something’s” is a contraction for “something is”.

4. The most versatile crossover in its class. “Its” is a possessive adjective here, not the contraction for “it is”.

5. Britain’s busiest railway station. Britain owns the railway station, therefore it needs the possessive noun form.

6. Thank you veterans!! “Veterans” is only plural not possessive here, so it does not need the apostrophe “s”.

7. Salad Works provides all the goodies! Both should be plural and not possessive. Arguably…

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