Unforgettable or Inforgettable? – Would You Like In or Un with your Negative Adjective?

English with a Smile

Now for some bad news: There is no foolproof (= 100% certain) way to know whether you can make a negative word with –in or –un. Some words take –dis for the negative! For instance, the opposite of honest is dishonest.

However there are two rules that you can use.

Rule 1: Words with –able at the end have –un.

For example:

comfortable – uncomfortable

able – unable

forgettable – unforgettable

countable – uncountable

drinkable – undrinkable

readable – unreadable

recognizable – unrecognizable

forgivable – unforgivable

liveable – unliveable

believable – unbelievable

suitable – unsuitable

Rule 2: When a positive word starts with –in or -en, the negative of that will not be –in.

So there wouldn’t be any words that start with inin- or inen-. You’ll have to admit that would sound really silly, wouldn’t it?


intelligent – unintelligent

enlightened – unenlightened

engaged – unengaged

install – uninstall

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