Thoughts of English


Bobbie Jimmy C Eula Jr.
English Language Lecturer.
Al Jazeera International Academy.
Currently assigned to a project at:
Al Baha University in Saudi Arabia.

From CNN to COMMunity
Sem. Ives Eula
This essay was an entry in the seminary’s annual English Month celebration, ’11-’12.

I remember when I was a lad, one of my favorites to sit on were cartoons. At that age, they were something to die for. But on the other side of it, there was also another one which I also enjoyed watching at. Believe it or not, it was watching CNN or BBC World. If cartoons entertained my juvenile and innocent thoughts, anchors talking or people being interviewed on BBC World or CNN were catching up my interest on the way they speak – literally. I would even imitate the way they pronounce the words, the way they mumble and express their thoughts. This scenario…

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