Practising Adjectives with -able and -ive

English with a Smile

reliableEugene Peretz

Some more Word Practice:

Let’s make adjectives with –able and with –ive

What do Words with the Suffix -able mean?

Words with –able as a suffix mean that something can be done.

For instance forgettable means that something is easy to forget.

Quantifiable means that something can easily be put into numbers (quant means amount in Latin).

Suitable means that something suits (fits).

Reliable means that you can rely on someone/something. They do what they say, they don’t break down or give you rubbish.

Arguable means that people can argue about it = it’s not a clear-cut thing.

Replaceable (take note of the e after the c) means something/someone can be replaced.

Legible means that it can be read. This comes from a Latin root too: legunt in Latin means read.

Capable: when someone can do a job.

What do Words with -ive Mean?

Words with –ive mean…

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