Native English or Native American

Speak English Like A Native.

They’re not the same. You can be speaking native English without a purely American accent, British accent, Australian accent, Kiwi accent, Canadian accent, Irish accent, Scottish accent or South African accent. It can be a mix of all these accents. Your English could borrow different attributes or characteristics from each one of the accents above and still be at a native level. I think the term “native English” is flawed when used in reference to someone’s oral and more specifically pronunciation competence. What most people possibly mean by “native English” is “Native American”, or “Native British”, or “Native Australian” etc (it’s subjective).

Achieving that sort of “nativeness” in speech would not only be unrealistic for most learners, but also for native speakers themselves, for example for Americans who want to speak like Australians and vice versa. Unless the learner has exceptional motivation, unwavering commitment and passion for the language, and…

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