Okružno takmičenje iz engleskog jezika za osmake – testovi

Regional English Language Competition for 8th Graders – Preparation Tests

Hey guys! Remember the post before the Municipal competition? Well, this is pretty much the same thing. 😀 I’ve already said everything you need to know, so I’ll just wish you good luck! You’ll definitely need it.

Here are the tests, all stumbled up:


You will find various tests, for all three stages of the competition (years 1997-2013). You don’t have to do all of them now… Leave some for later. 😉

Also, here are some tests your peers from Croatia do at competitions. You are able to check them out thanks to professor Aleksandra! I agree, it’s a great idea to practice as much as you can. Of course, you have to know when’s enough. 😀

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Luka R.



               Još par dana do okružnog, pa nije na odmet provežbati sve testove do kojih dodjete. Nikad se ne zna na šta ćete da naletite. Srećno!

2008  – svi nivoi 

2009 – svi nivoi

2010 – svi nivoi

2011 – svi nivoi

2012 – svi nivoi

2013 – svi nivoi

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