Vocab Blast: Homonyms

English with a Smile

By Miranda Carter

Homonyms are words that sound the same but have entirely different meanings. For example, leak and leek. If your sink is dripping, it is leaking; a leek is a type of onion. Use the quiz below to test your knowledge of homonyms.

This is a silver quiz. If you’re a Silver member of English with a Smile you can do the quiz online and check your answers.

If not, order quizzes here.


1. Great/Grate

A. Tonight I am making pizza, so I need to ____________ some cheese.

B. I love pizza; I think it’s ____________.


2. Peace/Piece

A. Nelson Mandela worked to achieve world ____________.

B. I think I’ll have another ____________ of pie.

3. Prey/Pray

A. Mice are the ____________ of house cats.

B. She likes to ____________ before bed.

4. Ate/Eight

A. My cousin just turned ____________.

B. I’m so full…

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