Boring… but Essential Grammar Parts of Speech – A Quick Guide How to Identify What is What in a Sentence

English with a Smile

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You may ask why it is important to know what the function is of the different words in a sentence.

Consider this:

1 It will help you understand sentences better.

2 You will make better sentences yourself. This is essential in order to be able to communicate with English-speaking people. If your sentences are incorrect, no one will understand you…

3 Should you wish to learn a third language (or a fourth or a fifth…), learning those languages will only get easier if you know these so-called parts of speech. I myself speak five languages, so I tell you this from my own experience.

Besides that, I can also tell you that my best students, and the ones who learn English the quickest, are interested in parts of speech and want to know what each word is doing in a sentence.

So here we go:

We won’t learn…

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