Petnica Science Center: a lifetime experience

Hello everyone! 🙂 I finally managed to write something about the amazing time I had at Petnica Science Center. Sorry for not doing it earlier, I was so busy. And I still am, I should be studying right now. xD My great friend Aca sent me a text he wrote about Petnica, which helped me a lot. Thank you, bro! Find the link a bit lower. I hope you’ll enjoy it!

The overall impression is remarkable! You’ll cherish every moment spent at PSC. You do something you love the most, meet incredible new people, have fun even while working hard, sometimes all night long. But still, you go there to improve yourself, study the field you like and have a great time with new friends. Every night you spend awake is totally worth it. Among other, you learn what “carpe diem” is for real. You are never bored at PSC. Trust me. There is always something to do. Let’s not mention the busy schedule. I really don’t have the right words to express it… At the beginning, it’s a bit hard to adapt to new conditions and the environment. I mean, who is used to working hard all day long? 😀 You have to be fast. If you take more than one day to get used to the tempo, you won’t be able to genuinely feel the magic of being a student at PSC. Just relax and enjoy every single moment out there. Don’t let it just fly by. Whatever the case… I’m running out of words. You know when you are full of impressions so much, that you don’t know what to say? I have a feeling I could talk for days, so I better stop anyway. xD Here is Aca’s essay:

Follow these links to find out more and see some photos:



I can’t promise you anything, but there might be a part 2 of this post in the future. 😉




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Luka R.


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