The Best Books on Gaining Success, Negotiating Skills and Becoming a Great Communicator

English with a Smile

I’ve written a few times about how important reading is, and there is a chance you’re thinking: I don’t care what Jacqueline writes about reading, but I’m still not going to read books. Me? Reading? It’s a joke.

Why won’t you read books?
You know that I think that reading books is the single best way to improve your English, your vocabulary, your grammar, your writing, your communication skills, your logical reasoning abilities, learning new things and widening your view of life, your career prospects and more.

So you don’t need to read novels, if you don’t like them. I really couldn’t care less if you want to die without having read Proust, Tolstoy or Sue Townsend. You’ll die ignorant of many things that would have made you a better human being. Tough luck.

But you really have to try to read some books that can help you with your career…

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