If You Can Do this Mixed Tenses Quiz, You’re Pretty Good

English with a Smile

Think you’re pretty good with tenses? I thought I had mastered them, yet when I tried to do this quiz, I made two mistakes! And I wrote it myself… 😦 Oh, well, that shows you, doesn’t it?  

So just a little warning, this exercise is for advanced students of English. If tenses sound like Chinese to you, you need to start reading about tenses on the blog. Start with present simple.

hearing musicGisela Giardino

1. He ___________ (not see) his kids often since he ____________ (divorced) last Christmas.
2. I ______________ (may not be able) to recognize the client, as this is the first time we meet.
3. At 5 pm yesterday, I ___________ (mow) the lawn.
4. Who ____________ (tell) you I’m pregnant?
5. Yoshi ____________ (work) for Philips all his life, but his wife __________ (struggle) to find a steady job.
6. I ___________ (see) that cat when…

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