Saying Numbers the Right Way

English with a Smile

Do you say two percent or two percents?
And do you say one and a half month, or months?

Many students of mine read and say numbers in their native language, even when they’re reading an English text. It sounds really weird when the rest of your sentence is in English. There is no excuse not to know numbers in English. Check out this video to learn more.
Also gives tips on where to add s in plurals.
Number wise
After you’ve seen the video, try the following quiz. You can do it online and check your answers right away here.

Number Quiz

In this quiz you need to decide whether the word is with s or without s.
1 I have known Ellen for 15 _____________ (year).
2 I’m not sure whether Michelangelo lived in the fifteenth or sixteenth ___________ (century).
3 The price of apples has risen 3 ___________ (percent)…

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