New words – 6 October 2014

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pollen vortexnounextremely high levels of pollen caused by the simultaneous blooming of trees and grass as a result of the prolonged and harsh winter

Allergy season is the worst. And in case you haven’t heard, this year’s allergy season is going to be the worst of the worst, with a ‘pollen vortex’ set to torture us all for a full two weeks straight. A pollen VORTEX, people — this is no joke.

[ 23 April 2014]

fire icenounmethane hydrate, a potential fuel source found under ocean beds and layers of permafrost

Otherwise known as fire ice, methane hydrate presents as ice crystals with natural methane gas locked inside.

[ 17 April 2014]

fracktivistnounan anti-fracking campaigner

Teenage dramatics and fracktivist rhetoric make for a scary combination.

[ 06.05.14]

We can’t live in Colorado when our elected officials that are paid by your tax dollars are…

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