Present Progressive (or Continuous) for Situations that Are in Progress

English with a Smile

As you probably know, you can use present progressive for situations that are happening now.

Example: What am I doing now?

I am writing an article.

What are you doing right now?
You are reading this article.


You can also use present progressive when you’re not talking about this moment exactly, but about a certain period of time when something is happening. For instance you will use this tense when you describe an event that is taking place, or a development that is slowly happening. The event can happen this month, this summer, or this year.

Here are some examples:
1 The cost of housing is going up.

2 The student essays are improving.

3 Are the prices of mobile phones decreasing?

4 The prices of vegetables aren’t rising that much.

In all these examples, something is developing. In sentence 1, the prices are moving all the time.

In sentence…

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