New words – 16 June 2014

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NekNominatenounan internet craze in which someone films themselves ‘necking’ a large quantity of alcohol in a dangerous setting and posts it online. At the end of the video they nominate a friend to perform their own ‘necking’ stunt.

The aim of the game, dubbed Neknomination, is to complete a drinking dare and then nominate someone to do the same by posting a video of it on the internet.

[ 03 February 2014]

Hundreds of people are now dying each year because of accidental alcohol poisoning and experts have warned that the lethal internet drinking craze NekNominate will make it worse

[ 19 February 2014]

About new words

DMverbinformalto send someone a direct message via Twitter

He DMs him all the time.

[Radio 1 27 February 2014]

friendvertisingnounthe use of social media website ‘friends’ to disseminate video adverts for products. Some videos have an…

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