Understanding British English Accents

English with a Smile

By Bryony Stevens

Accents can be a funny thing to understand, as there are so many that exist. One of the most prominent languages and accents is British English. It covers most of the U.K.’s primary language selection, spanning across several more countries, such as South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Although the language may seem difficult to comprehend at first, with enough time and patience, you can learn the basics of it, and potentially may have the ability to have a complete conversation with someone who uses British English.

What are British Accents?

A British accent is an accent that uses English as a language, but delivers distinct pronunciations of certain words in ways used in the United Kingdom. Typically, British accents are spoken with a more “flowery” substance than simplified English, or “American” English. These can cause problems for those who aren’t accustomed to the language, as some…

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