New words – 23 June 2014

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cyber hijacknouna hijack controlled remotely with the use of electronic devices

Is missing Malaysian jet the world’s first CYBER HIJACK? Chilling new theory claims hackers could use a mobile phone to take over the controls

[ 16 March 2014]


secretly viewing online information about someone

A massive 75 per cent of us keep our exes as ‘friends’, allowing us to rifle through photographs and wall posts and friend lists at will. Today’s youth call this ‘creeping’.

[Grazia (UK celebrity magazine) 03 March 2014]

the Internet of thingsidiomappliances and devices such as refrigerators, thermostats, TVs, speakers, etc., that connect wirelessly to the Internet to receive instructions from users and send information on use to the manufacturer and which can be compromised by hackers

But the dark side of the Internet of Things is that these devices might be hacked and turned into ‘ThingBots,’ which…

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