The Impression You Make at Your Interview

English with a Smile

What is more important at your interview: to look good or to know what the organisation you’re applying to is doing? And how good should your English be?

Here is a list of things that you should do in the interview.

Try to rank them from least important (10) to most important (1).

A To look your best

B To have smooth English

C To be polite

D To know what you’re talking about

E To have lots of technical knowledge

F To know what the job involves

G To know the people in the organisation

H To shake hands and smile

I To be on time

J To know some things about the organisation

__________________________________ (you add)

Can you think of no-noes in the interview (things that you shouldn’t do)?

Here are some possible solutions:

Be on time. Yes, it’s happened to me too that I didn’t get a…

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