Learning English or learning about English?

Speak English Like A Native.

English works. Learning ABOUT English, by itself, doesn’t.

Unfortunately, most English learners spend 70% of their time learning about English, learning the grammar rules, new vocabulary, synonyms, antonyms, how to write an essay, how to pass an exam etc, but hardly learning the language as in fully immersing themselves in the language. Look, needless to say, learning about the language helps and is important to some extent in that it speeds up learning and makes it more effective but should not and cannot replace it. Now, I’m aware that in most cases, learners don’t have the chance to immerse themselves into a fully English-speaking environment, even when they sometimes travel and get to study English overseas like many of my previous students in Australia did.

Learning ABOUT the language from a textbook taught by a teacher who likes to slack off is worse!

This is something that I learned 6…

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