Future Perfect – Time to learn some more tenses!

English with a Smile

Warning: this is not for beginning students of English.

Let’s take a difficult tense. It may be the first time you see it.

It’s a combination of the future with “will” and the present perfect with “have + V3.” V3 means the third form of the verb.

Have a look at this example:

Stella will have finished her project tomorrow afternoon.

This sentence presents the idea that Stella will do this project before the afternoon ends.

Here’s an illustration of similar examples:

future perfect

As you can see, the future perfect is used when there is some end time in the future, and the action happens before this end time. In the illustration, this end time is the deadline, in 2015.

If you don’t have an end time in mind, you can use the simple future:

Stella will finish her project tomorrow afternoon.

In short, what’s the difference between the following two…

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