New words – 25 August 2014

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kninklesplural nounwrinkles above the knee

No more kninkles (that’s knee wrinkles): Now there’s a £300 lunchtime lift that promises to banish that saggy skin.

[ 26 February 2014]

thuttsplural nouninformalan undefined area between the thighs and the buttocks, caused by excessive weight and lack of muscle tone

First there were cankles. Then there was back fat. Last week we were told about swoobs, mere moments after we’d come to terms with our big fat thutts.

[ 30 January 2014]

bio cremationnouna process for disposing of the body of a deceased person using water and potassium oxide

A greener way to go is ‘bio cremation’, in which the body is completely broken down by heated water and potassium hydroxide.

[AARP the Magazine (US over-50s magazine) Jan 2014]

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