Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences

There’s been a long time since we did some grammar stuff, don’t you think?

English with a Smile

A Sentence for Every Occasion

By Jacqueline Schaalje


Warning: This is a lesson at Expert level. If you’re a beginner, read only the first part in this article about simple sentences, and then wait for the next Newsletter.

We’ll continue on the subject of sentences. In this article you’ll learn how to write and recognize simple sentences, then compound sentences, and finally complex sentences.

As a general tip: Learn simple sentences first, and then try more difficult ones. Perfecting the English grammar takes time, so better start with simple sentences and gradually build complex ones.

apple guyMarc Falardeau

First learn to say and write simple sentences with the basic word order.


Example sentence:
Javier eats an apple on the bus every morning.

Javier = the subject

Eats = verb

An apple = object

On the bus = place

Every morning = time


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