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Hi there! I’m Luka Radicevic, the founder, owner and the administrator of this blog! I’ve been studying English since I was 4 and I really enjoy it. I also train handball. I went to “Branko Miljković” elementary school and now I am a student at ”Svetozar Marković” grammar school here in Niš. More precisely, I go to the English bilingual class (Natural Sciences and Mathematics Department).
I hope you’ll find something interesting here, so have fun improving your English!!

P.S. In case you have any questions, suggestions etc, you can either leave a comment or contact me via Facebook and/or e-mail: kalu5459@live.com


What do you know about me?

How can I talk about myself and life when I’m only 16 years old? Well, I guess experience is not the only way to get to know the world…

My name is Luka Radičević and I am an excellent student at ’’Svetozar Marković’’ grammar school in Niš, my hometown. I live with my parents and my younger sister. Of course, as all families, we have our moments, but most of all, we love each other and know how to have fun. My family supports me in everything I do and that really means a lot to me. They taught me always to be optimistic and flexible, as well as to give my best, no matter what. They are simply people I love being around with.

I may look mature, but I don’t always legitimate my look. Namely, some say I act a bit frivolously. In fact, I just like having fun, but only when circumstances allow me to. I believe that life is short and so it should be fulfilled.

I live by a philosophy, a principle, really. I believe that if I can do good things to other people, I have a moral obligation to do these things. That’s what’s at stake here. Not a choice. Responsibility. On the other hand, I’m sometimes half-cocked, but I’m currently overcoming this bad characteristic. I am very tenacious, though I often meet the temptations. I appreciate determined, honest and dexterous (probalby because I’m not dexterous) people and I despise affectation. I love laughter, joy, humour, serenity, dreams… I can’t attribute some remarkable characteristics to myself, but I’m filled with happiness when I only anticipate them.

I’m trying to be open-minded, so I have many various interests. For example, I enjoy linguistics, which I’m pretty good at. I am a linguistics student at Petnica Science Center. English is my favourite foreign language. I’m currently writing a paper on metaphor conceptualisation. I also love psychology, which I study in my free time. Philosophy is also a field I like reading about. Just when I thought I’m more into social sciences, I realised that I’m interested in medicine and information technology, too. I’ll enjoy my broad interests as long as I can.

I have chosen my extra-curricular activities according to my interests. Although my mum says I do too much, I think it’s okay to try things out so you can decide what your future occupation will be. When it comes to school clubs and teams, I am a senior debater at my school’s Debating club. I am also a member of the English Reading club and the English Drama club. I’m in the school’s Project team, so I have participated in many projects in the country and abroad, where we come to volunteering. I am a volunteer at the Children’s Hospital and a member of the ’’Young Ambassadors’’ association.

This is the second year I am a voluntary handball referee to pioneers. I do this because handball is my favourite sport. I like other sports, too.

My main hobby is making friends, but I collect badges from time to time.

I love listening to music. It makes my day better and always improves my mood. If only life could have background music… It would be great, wouldn’t it? I have a specific taste, but I don’t listen to music by genres. I like all of them, even though I mostly listen to pop.

It is very hard to write about yourself, probably because you can’t see yourself from an outside perspective. However, I’ll let others, life and the future decide how fair I have described myself in this essay.


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