How to improve your English grammar and reading skills

Speak English Like A Native.

It’s certainly not by learning the rules of grammar as you would learn the rules of physics, but rather by….well…reading. Yes, it’s that simple, reading everything and anything you can get your hands on. It would help a great deal if you could find something you are really crazy or obsessed about. Now, don’t worry, I’m not just writing this article to tell you that, not that it’s not worth writing it about, but I’m not. The reason that I really wanted to write this article is something that I find particularly groundbreaking in terms of improving grammar and reading comprehension in English, and you know what? I’m not just going to write ABOUT it, I’m actually going to write IT. I’ve got you all rattled (confused) haven’t i? Yeah I usually get a kick out of confusing people, forgive me. Alright, so let me tell you what I mean.

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How to Behave during a Job Interview in English

English with a Smile

job interview

Congratulations!  You have now landed your very first English-speaking job interview, and you are very excited about the opportunity to begin a new phase of your professional career.  The next step is to prepare in advance for the English interview so that you are relaxed and comfortable enough to make a great first impression.   We need to take into consideration the possible cultural differences in professional communication, the proper manner to dress, and the acceptable ways to behave during the face-to-face meeting with the hiring manager.  By preparing in advance, your chances for landing the job will be greatly increased.

Dressing “appropriately”

Many times, the hiring manager will instruct the potential candidate to “dress appropriately.”  But what does this phrase mean exactly?  If the job interview is for a factory position, should you wear slip-resistant footwear and a hardhat?  Most likely not.  Many hiring managers will tell you that they…

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Animal Talk: Animal-related adjectives in the English language

Oxford University Press

The origin and use of animal adjectives in English language Image courtesy of Kapa65

Ian Brookes is a freelance writer and editor based in Scotland. He has edited a number of dictionaries and has written books about spelling, writing, and punctuation. In this post, he looks at the origins and use of animal-related adjectives in English.

The names of animals are probably among the first things learnt by a student of a language, yet knowing the names of animals doesn’t always help when it comes to their associated adjectives—in fact, sometimes it can be downright confusing.

Most of the formal adjectives that relate to animals are not derived from the common English names but are taken instead from the Latin name of each animal. So when you are talking about things to do with dogs, you use the adjective canine (from the Latin word canis) and when you are talking about things to do with horses, you use the…

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Engleski srednji nivo, video vežba iz filma Guardians Of The Galaxy

Strani jezici, škole jezika i jezička putovanja verbalista

Guardians Of The Galaxy: I Have A Plan

Klikni ovde za video vežbu iz filma Guardians Of The Galaxy

In this clip from the sci-fi comedy about an American pilot, Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) who steals an orb wanted by the villainous Ronan, Quill attempts to describe his “plan” to a doubtful group of fellow space travellers.

Engleski srednji nivo

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Zipf’s Law or Which English Words Should You Know?

English with a Smile

theStefano Mortellaro

zipf3 In 1935, the American philologist (= an expert on written language & literature) George Kingsley ZIpf formulated a clever law about the most popular words in any language. We’ll only talk about English of course. What does his law say? Zipf discovered that the most popular words — in any text — are twice as popular as the second most popular word. So the second most popular word is half as popular as the most popular word. And the third most popular word is only a third as popular as the most popular word. The tenth most popular word is used a tenth as much as the most popular word. And so on. So in each case, how much a word is used is inversely proportional to its ranking on the popularity list. Proportional means that when you have two numbers, one number is a part (portion) of…

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Language is like a muscle

Read this incredible story!

Study Den

English is my second language.

I wasn’t born in Canada; I came at an awkward age when I wasn’t young enough to be a clean slate, and I wasn’t old enough to  be a solid structure. In the beginning, the whole English experience was a shock to me. What saved me, I think, was and is and has always been my passion for the creative use of language and self-expression.

I was one of the top writers of my class when I went to school in Taiwan. Well, you can imagine the horror of immigrating to a new country where language is no longer your specialty, but your handicap. That, in all aspects of my life and in all manners of self-understanding, was a huge (and by huge I mean colossal) blow

I will never succeed. My English sucks. Everyone is better than me…

My first few years…

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The Impression You Make at Your Interview

English with a Smile

What is more important at your interview: to look good or to know what the organisation you’re applying to is doing? And how good should your English be?

Here is a list of things that you should do in the interview.

Try to rank them from least important (10) to most important (1).

A To look your best

B To have smooth English

C To be polite

D To know what you’re talking about

E To have lots of technical knowledge

F To know what the job involves

G To know the people in the organisation

H To shake hands and smile

I To be on time

J To know some things about the organisation

__________________________________ (you add)

Can you think of no-noes in the interview (things that you shouldn’t do)?

Here are some possible solutions:

Be on time. Yes, it’s happened to me too that I didn’t get a…

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Rubik’s Cubes, High School in the US and Charles Dickens: 5 Low-Intermediate Videos and Quizzes


Here is a list of five low-intermediate videos with quizzes from Click on the topic to view the video and answer quiz questions.

Sugar Dragon ESL video

How are Sugar Dragons Made?

The life of charles dickens

The Life of Charles Dickens

High School in the US

High School in the US

ESL video about Vacation planning

Planning a Vacation

Robot Solves Rubiks Cube ESL video

Robot Solves Rubik’s Cube

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