New words – 20 April 2015

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dumbwalkingnounwalking slowly, without paying attention to the world around you because you are consulting a smartphone

He told me dumbwalking probably wouldn’t be a long-term problem.

[ 14 July 2014]

tech crechenouna safe where visitors to a place can deposit their mobile phones before exploring that place

The short film sees a young David Attenborough (voiced by impressionist Phil Cornwell) encourage viewers to leave the car at home and store their devices in the Tech Creche, leaving them free to enjoy the region’s majestic woodlands and coastline without digital distractions.

[ 25 July 2014]

vampingnounthe activity of remaining awake late into the night, usually while chatting on social networks

‘Social media is about having agency over your own life and vamping is one way to recapture that,’ said Alice Marwick, an assistant professor at Fordham University who studies the Internet and society.

[New York…

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New words – 13 April 2015

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bio-inspirationnounthe adoption of patterns and structures found in nature for the purposes of engineering, manufacturing, science, etc.

The MIT researchers actually aren’t the only robotics team to turn to cheetahs for bio-inspiration.

[ 16 September 2014]

drought shamingnounthe public shaming, often through social media, of people or companies guilty of wasting water

All across the state, people are doing their best to conserve water. But, the fight to save water has also given rise to a new phenomenon known as ‘drought shaming.’

[ 30 July 2014]

plastispherenounthe discarded plastic that is now a part of our seas, rivers and lakes and, for better or worse, is developing its own ecosystem

Scientists have even coined a new term to describe it: the ‘plastisphere’ is here. In some oceanic areas the plastic is so thick that organisms have begun evolving there, as if it were a…

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New words – 6 April 2015

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nanoroboticsnounthe use of extremely tiny components (measuring a nanometer or less) to make robots

Nano-robotics is gaining importance in the field of industrial robotics. It is gaining momentum in health care and other niche markets.

[ 03 July 2014]

glass cockpitnouna part of a vehicle filled with computer screens from which the vehicle is controlled automatically, partially or entirely by computer

We have estimates of a glass cockpit in our cars being fairly soon.

[WNYC: Lenard Lopate Show (culture and society, interviews) 30 September 2014]

We already have a sort of glass cockpit, at least in some higher-end vehicles that have adaptive cruise control.

[WNYC: Lenard Lopate Show (culture and society, interviews) 30 September 2014]

screen scrapernouna piece of software that extracts character-based information from other applications and presents it in a more user-friendly format

I was just wondering if I could use some…

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Takmičenja iz engleskog jezika – Brainstorming



         Ovogodišnje gradsko takmičenje za osnovne škole ostavilo je svima gorak ukus u ustima, i takmičarima i nastavnicima. Pokušala sam da odgovorim na jedan od komentara na blogu, ali sam shvatila da odgovor ne mogu da dam samo ja, već da bi trebalo da se udružimo i napravmo jedan pravi BRAINSTORMING. Možda ćemo zajednički doći do rešenja.

          Dakle, koleginica Emilija kaže:

“Draga Aleksandra i drage kolege i koleginice,
predlazem da ulozimo protest povodom ovakvog testa i trazimo da sva deca koja su imala 32 ili vise poena dobiju prolaz na republicko takmicenje. Naime, test za reading je skinut sa interneta i dat je kao vezbanje za polaganje FCE ispita. Svako ko se malo bavi jezikom zna koji…

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Okružno takmičenje za osnovne škole 2015



     Sigurna sam da ovakav test niko nije očekivao. To pokazuje i prolaznost na republličko takmičenje. Da li se nismo dobro spremili ili test, ipak, nije primeren učeniku 8. razreda?

Onlajn testovi:

City Competition 2015 Grammar Part 

City Competition 2015  Reading Comprehension

Ovde možete skinuti i testove : 

– opšta kategorija – Okružno 2015

– specijalna kategorija – Okružno 2015- specijalna

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Okružno takmičenje za osnovne škole iz 2004. godine



Koleginica Katarina Vujanović se postarala da vam bude dostupan i test sa okružnog iz 2004. godin., koji je jedini nedostajao u kolekciji, počevši od 1998. godine. Nisam imala vremena da ga prekucam, ali mislim da će vam značiti da još malo provežbate za sutrašnji nastup.

Takmičari, poklonite se i počnite ;), a Katarini veliko HVALA i u vaše ime!

Pictureokružno reading 2004

okružno grammar part 1 2004okružno grammar part 2 2004

okružno key 2004

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Test sa okružnog takmičenja iz engleskog 2015. god. učenika srednjih škola

Thank you very much, Irena! 🙂

Guys, looks like there is only the grammar part now, no reading and listening anymore. What do you think about that decision?

Irenica pametnica

Engleski 5

Test sa okružnog takmičenja iz engleskog jezika učenika srednjih škola 2015. god. možete preuzeti ovde:

Okružno iz engleskog 2015 – srednje škole

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New words – 23 March 2015

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crossfitnounhigh-intensity strength training

Two women in strappy dresses discussed how much weight they could snatch […] with two men who, like everyone else at the evening’s event, do crossfit.

[New York Times (US broadsheet) 10 August 2014]

face ironingnouninformala cosmetic procedure aimed at reducing wrinkles

The Thermage treatment is also commonly known as the ‘face-ironing treatment.’ Yikes. Sound painful enough for you? But there’s a reason why stars like Gwyneth keep coming back for more. The treatment boosts collagen levels in the skin’s lower layers, creating a tightening effect to the top layer.

[ 04 August 2014]

no-poonounthe practice of washing the hair without using shampoo

The ‘no-poo’ method, which involves using natural substitutes or just water in place of shampoo and conditioner, has credibility within several circles.

[ 12 August 2014]

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