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My one-year-old essay

While I was putting away some of my old books, I found this essay. After reading it, I’ve concluded that I haven’t changed much for one year period… Anyway, I like Luka’s way of thinking 😀

Humanity cannot exist without wars

There are seven billion people on this planet, divided into four different races and living in around two hundred countries. Of course, fights and disagreements are foregone. But the problem is that those fights very often develop in something bigger, wars.

I believe everything can be solved peacefully. I mean, war is never good for humans. Firstly, lots of innocent lives are lost. Secondly…, whatever the case, they don’t bring good neither to one nor other side. I’m just wondering why do people war? What is driving them to marching in the streets and singing, probably not knowing they will die in approximately 20 minutes?

Humans warred even two thousand years ago. The results of those wars were the same. Practically, nothing has changed since then. But on the other hand, everything has changed completely. For example, war techniques differ very much, and so are weapons which are being used. Technology is a lot better than before, but I don’t think it should only be used in making new deadly weapons. There are bigger things happening here than wars. People are dying of famine every day, while others don’t have a place to live or even what to wear.

I’ve got a suggestion: why don’t people, instead of warring to see who will win a certain territory (in most cases), compete in something else, like sport and/or knowledge? It’s not a bad idea. For example, when it comes to war between some two countries, a big competition should be organized to see who wins. Participators should be the countries’ best sportsmen and smartest people. They could compete in variety interesting games. This way, no one would get hurt or wounded, if nothing else.

I’m not sure how possible is all of this, but it is worth of trying, at least. I think mankind doesn’t need wars. War is never a right solution. But maybe I am wrong. Perhaps humanity cannot exist without war after all. Who knows.

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